New Dual Drives for Android!

Fusing the data expansion of Android smartphones with the flexibility of flash memory, dual USB flash drives are the answer to anybody looking to boost the storage capacity of their phone or tablet.

Whether you’re on-the-go live-streaming content, shooting gigs of video and photo, or just need to access media on your mobile – being able to connect a flash drive to your phone can quickly double or triple your phone’s memory.

On one end, dual USB flash drives sport the standard Type-A USB port that connect to most laptop and desktop computers. On the other, dual USB flash drives feature a Micro-USB connector or the Type-C connector prominently featured on most Android devices. The result is portable memory that you not only can use with your computer, but that also works with your mobile or tablet devices.

Storing or transferring large files like video can be taxing on your phone’s storage and monthly data plan, as well as time-consuming. A flash drive with a micro-USB or Type-C port can spare data plan usage, time, and storage space.

Custom printed dual USB flash drives come in many styles and varieties. Need answers right now? Email us at or call 415-964-5023.

You can also find more information on our OTG(On the Go) Dual USB Flash Drives page.

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