Data Pre Loaded Custom USB Flash Drives
Data Pre-loading for USBs

Data Loading – All of our flash drives can be pre-loaded with your pictures, brochures, videos or anything else you would like to put on the USB.

USB Data Loading on Drives we supply – Qualitas can load your data on drives we supply during the fabrication process in our overseas facility. Or, if you are on a time crunch, we can provide data loading right here in our San Francisco facility as quickly as one day before your ship date.

USB Data Loading on Drives you provide – If you have your own drives, we can provide the data loading service. Just send us your data along with the drives you want loaded. Our full service technical department in our San Francisco facility will load your data and perform a bit for bit data comparison to make sure 100% of the drives are accurately loaded

Data Locking – Qualitas can provide data loaded on your drive that cannot be erased. Simply let us know that you would like your data to be “locked” and we will create a specific partition that cannot be erased with your data on it.

Options – We offer services for:

  • PC Only
  • MAC Only
  • MAC and PC
  • Up to 256GB
  • Operating System Software
  • Linux

File Types – Just about any file type.  Most common files are pdf, jpeg, video, software, VLC, MPEG


Pre-loading in Our Factory Overseas – In many cases, pre-loading of data overseas is free. Typically any data amount under 100MB is free.  We charge 10 cents per 500MB of data after the first 100MB.

Last Minute Loading in the US – Base minimum charge is 59 cents/load for 1GB or less. Above 1 GB the cost is 10 cents per 500 MB. If we need to remove and replace into packaging there are additional labor charges depending on the packaging type.

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