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Options for preloaded thumb drives

Preload your data, brochures, software or other promotional materials or other data on thumb drives.  Whether you are re-using your old thumb drives or need entirely new ones, its not just important that they look great.  In a market awash with varied quality drives, Qualitas is the thumb drive pre-loading expert. We are focused on great looking USBs with quality grade components so your target user will have a flawless experience.

We have been providing data loading services since 2008, with both a local facility in the US for fast turns, and an overseas facility for more cost effective options.

Q1: Do you have old thumb drives that you want to reuse?

Qualitas has a US based data facility that will expertly analyze your old drives. We then will make sure that 100% of your important data is properly preloaded and verified 100% accurate every time.

Q2: Do you have a time sensitive big project?

Qualitas can pre-load over 4000 drives in less than 24 hours and ship from our US based facility to make your time sensitive deadline.

Q3: Did your current supplier mess up the data in an overseas factory, and now they cannot remedy the problem without sending the USBs back to China?

No problem, contact us today. We can erase old data and preload new data in a snap.

Q4: PC, MAC, Linux or all of the Above

– For over 13 years we have been working on thousands of complex data projects for clients.

Q5: Need to purchase thumb drives and data preload on a rush basis?

– We provide domestic manufacturing of several Thumb Drive models right here in the USA and assemble, print and preload data in 24 hours to make your time sensitive project go off without a single hiccup.

Q6: Do you have your own thumb drive duplicator that keeps failing?

If you purchased low quality thumb drives, commonly the controllers in those USBs can wreak havoc on your USB duplicator. If you are experiencing this problem, we can advise you, solve your issue, and provide you with USBs that we guarantee to work every time with your duplicator. We just need to analyze your problem drives, ask you a few questions about your duplicator and we will solve your data loading problem.

You want a cost effective solution that is still super high quality.

Qualitas is a quality and cost leader. We offer low cost thumb drive models beautifully imprinted and expertly pre-loaded with your data. On a tight budget? Contact us and let on of our experts help you plan ahead so you can proceed with the most cost effective options.

Whether you need a 512 MB quick turn data load of a few pdfs, or you need us to preload 100GB of data or more for your major project, we have got you covered.

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Made in USA Flash Drives

At Qualitas we have a good selection of flash drives that are assembled, printed and data loaded in our USA facility.  We are a proud supplier of USA labor related products.

We offer several styles of flash drives, can print full color both sides and offer 512MB all the way up to 32GB drives, all shipping right out of our facility in the USA.  So if you are on a very tight deadline, or have Made in the USA requirements we can meet your needs.

We can provide data loading services and can assemble, print and data load as fast as Same Day service to meet your tight deadline.

Below is one of our printers demonstrating how our high resolution, high intensity UV printer does its job.



Here are the Printed Circuit Board Assemblies we use when we assemble your flash drives

Contact us if you have a need by writing or give us a call at : (415) 964-5023

or request a quote from our online configure and quote tool here:



Why Doesn’t your USB Duplicator machine work with your flash drives

A common assumption when you buy a USB duplicator machine is that it will work with the USBs that you intend to data load.

Unfortunately this sometimes is not the case.

Why doesn’t my machine work correctly and what can I do to resolve the issue.

The promotional USB market is largely drive by cost.  The components that go into a USB Flash Drive are primarily two : the controller chip and NAND chip.

When you source low cost USBs, many of these “ad specialty” companies that also sell hats, and mugs and pens, etc. are not Flash Drive experts, so they chose the lowest cost product to offer to their clients. These low cost items are a “you get what you paid for” product.  The controllers and NAND are often low grade or inferior products that are not typically made to work well with a USB duplicating machine.

In the industry, there are so many chip manufacturers that the USB Duplicator companies will only work with, and certify compatibility with a subset of these.  There are just too many chip manufactures to keep up with.

It is this compatibility issue that will cause your USB duplication machine to fail.  When you call the company that made your USB duplicator, they will often say, “well you have low quality drives” or “buy the drives from us and will not have any issues”, often at a premium price.

The Solution

At Qualitas, we are experts at data loading and chip compatibility.  IF you are having problems with your USB duplicator, we can solve you problem at a reasonable cost.

All you need to do is contact us, send us a sample of the USB that is a problem and tell us what type of duplication machine you are using.

We will be able to supply you with drives that work on your duplicator every time, without fail.

We offer hundreds of styles of flash drives that can be logo printed and we will work with you to specify the right memory so you can use your USB duplicator worry free.

Have a project or a problem batch of USBs that wont duplicate, contact us today at: (415) 964-5023  or


Need pricing on data loading, go to our data loading page here.




Why you should Data Lock Your Promotional Flash Drives

An Effective Marketing Tool: You have your event coming up and have decided that handing out flash drives to potential clients is an effective marketing tool.

You’ve got everything lined up.  You’ve picked the flash drive style, you have the artwork to be printed on the flash drive and the brochures and videos to be loaded on the drives.

Marketeers, however, often neglect one beneficial feature of the promotional flash drive package.  Locking the data onto the drive so it cannot be erased.

Give Something Useful and Informative: When we lock data on the the USB, it remains a permanent reminder to the recipient of your brand and your company or product content.   So if you have chosen a larger capacity drive, say 8GB or bigger, you have given the user a valuable device for storing and moving data months or years after your event, and presented your best promotional materials to them digitally.

So why not make sure you give them both, a larger drive that is useful, and permanently locked data on the drive to keep your company or product in mind.

Nominal Costs and Downside: The cost to data lock is nominal, usually just a few cents extra per drive, and normally the drive will be configured to have 2 partitions: 1. The locked partition that can be named and have you data in it and 2. The open partition that has the remaining space left on the drive for the user to utilize.  When a USB is configured this way the data partition is un-obtrusive yet still present.  It allows the user to utilize the drive like a normal blank flash drive and only consider the locked content when it is needed.

So there really is no down side to locking the data onto the drive.

So if you are considering a promotional flash drive, really consider locking your data.

For more information contact a product specialist today or get an online quote from us today.


Why high quality custom flash drives are harder to find in low capacities

Consumer Needs: As USB capacity is ever increasing, smaller capacity flash drives become less and less useful. The need for transfer of larger amounts of data is ever increasing and the average consumer flash drive is now 16GB. The higher quality chip-makers like Samsung, Toshiba, Intel, Hynix all build capacity for the most popular sizes for the consumer market.  So the smaller capacities at 2GB and under are often under produced or not produced at all.

Promotional Needs: The promotional flash drive, however, is often used just to deliver small amounts of data, 100MB or less, normally some pdf files, video files etc.  So the requirements are often these smaller drives, 2GB or less.

Impact on Quality: This normally results in lower capacity drives being lower quality, manufactured by a second tier of chip-makers to fill this void.  So when you purchase your batch of custom flash drives for your company event, we will always make you aware that in general, higher quality drives are much more readily available in the higher capacities.

Our Suggestion when purchasing promotional flash drives: If quality and branding visibility is an issue, the higher capacity drives are no longer prohibitively expensive.  Make the small extra investment and you can deliver your data and marketing materials on a larger drive and also provide a use-able drive that has plenty of space, thus keeping your brand in front of that potential client.

If you are constrained by budget, then the lower capacity drives are the way to go.  They will still achieve your objective by delivering your data or marketing information, you will stay within budget, and likely after the drive has been used to retrieve your data will not be used.

Where to Start my Custom USB Project: For more information on quality components and custom USB flash drives  speak with a USB specialist if you have an upcoming project at (415) 964-5023 or by email:



Best USB device to deliver digital content with books and brochures

Does your company want to deliver a book, publication or brochure with a device loaded with digital content?

In the recent past when you wanted to deliver your digital content with a book or brochure, you would have a CD or DVD inserted into a sleeve on the jacket cover of the book or brochure.

As most know, computers are much slimmer, more lightweight and designed for mobility.  Fewer and fewer devices have Disc Players.  This is  especially so on Laptops and Notebooks.

These devices do, however,  have USB ports on them.

Problem:  If your company wishes to deliver important digital content with a book or brochure, how can this been done without having to deliver a separate device like a bulky conventional flash drive.  Would you have to ship it in a separate container from the book or brochure?

Solution: Our credit card flash drive coupled with our exclusive peel and stick adhesive sleeves is the solution you are looking for.  The Credit card flash drive is a thin lightweight flash drive that fits easily on the interior of a book jacket or brochure.

Custom Flash Drive

How to affix to the book or brochure:

Our exclusive clear flash drive peel and stick sleeve is the most steadfast solution.  It adheres right to the book or brochure permanently and the credit card flash drive slips neatly inside and will stay secure until the user would like to retrieve it.

This USB comes in sizes of 1GB to 256GB, so it can accommodate even the largest data delivery and can be printed in full color on both sides to match your collateral material.

At Qualitas, we have a full data loading department that can load your data and even make it permanent on the drive so it cannot be erased.

This is an elegant solution for companies that wish to deliver secure digital content, save space, and reach a significant audience that uses flash drives to load content to their laptop, notebook or desktop computers.

See our video on this product below.

For more information, samples, and to place orders contact a Qualitas flash drive specialist by calling (415) 964-5023 or writing to




Best Digital Wedding Favor – Thank USB Drive

Planning a wedding is a monumental task. Most couples want to get everything right for the event itself, but  can forget about the important task of thanking your guests after your wedding is over.   How does a wedding couple wrap it all up and say thank you to your guests in a thoughtful and memorable way. A conventional thank you card can be quite boring. An email or e-card does not do it justice. Our new Thank Usb Drive addresses this task in a way that is memorable, useful and fun all in the same product.

Old School Thank You’s

Option 1: Thank You Cards: kind of boring – Sending a thank you card is customary, but typically nothing truly special.  We have all received thank you cards in the mail, look at them and say, “well that was nice”, and put them away or toss them.

Option 2: Share Photo and Video Links: Fleeting and too brief to express your gratitude adequately – Sending links to Facebook, Instagram, etc. or other photo or video sharing services is a nice way for wedding guests to remember the event, however fleeting and brief that method is.

NEW School – Thank Usb Drive

The Thank You Note – Re-invented! – 

An entirely new concept that is re-inventing how we say thank you to our special guests marries the Thank You Card and our digital photos and video memories.
Wedding Thank USB Photo for Blog

The Wedding Thank USB Drive is a thin, flat, credit card sized USB that is beautifully printed with the couples picture on Side 1 and thank you message on Side 2, then loaded with any and all photos and videos of the Wedding.  This wonderfully memorable flash drive comes in pre-filled peel and stick adhesive sleeves so they can be  peeled and stuck right onto the couples own Thank You card. Once received by guests, it can be used and re-used just like a regular flash drive. What a great thank you gift.  Your guests can use the card for their personal use after they view your pics and videos.

How it Works! – The process is simple.  After the event the couple sends their  favorite picture to print on side 1, and a personalized message to be printed on side 2.  Then send any and all Wedding pictures + video files to share with their guests.

Thank USB Drive Application Steps

After the drives are printed and loaded, Qualitas will deliver them in clear, pre-pocketed peel and stick sleeves to simply peel and stick onto the couples own thank you cards.
Then you are ready to mail. Its that simple! 

This marriage between a thank you card and the delivery of photos and videos on a re-usable USB is a truly memorable way to express your gratitude.

Here is a video of the process.

More Information and Ordering this Wedding Thank USB Drive can be found here.

Are you a wedding or event planner?  Contact our event planner dedicated support at

Data Security for Custom Flash Drives

In configuring your perfect custom flash drive, determining what level of security is needed depends heavily on the application of the finished flash drive.

Some businesses will source custom flash drives for company-use only, whereas others are simply promotional and don’t require as much security. In both cases, though, there are options for making sure that the data is secure and doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Companies will often source custom flash drives to distribute confidential information among employees. Often times, this confidential information can include financial information, trade knowledge, company procedures or documents only intended for employees with proper security clearance.

Being able to encrypt data makes flash drives very powerful for being able to distribute content among company personnel. As opposed to optical media like DVDs or CDs, flash drives can be reformatted, so as new information needs to be loaded, the flash drives can be recycled and redistributed out to employees.

Password protecting the contents of your custom flash drive is one way to make sure only authorized personnel are able to access the information. If the information is of a sensitive nature, protecting the data by requiring any who load the flash drive to supply a password is the best way to ensure the data is not accessible by the wrong person.

Another option of making sure your data isn’t tampered with is to lock the data onto the flash drive, so that it cannot be removed. This is especially handy in cases where the carrying capacity of the flash drive is somewhat close to the data that is being carried. If an employee or someone tried to remove the data on the flash drive and use it for personal purposes, the data would be secured and unable to be removed.

Data locking is also helpful where a flash drive is being given out as a promotional product or at a tradeshow. A company may want to include some photos, videos or files about the company, and want to make sure that data is viewable by the person receiving the drive.

Both options depend on the level of security needed for the content you plan on loading onto the flash drive. In both instances, Qualitas is able to provide both services in our San Francisco facility. Our project experts are knowledgeable in being able to help you determine what level of security your project needs, and can answer any questions to help you best decide how to configure your drives. Contact a specialist today to get started.

Credit Card Model USB Flash Drive with Optional Adhesive Pocket

#2 Credit Card Flash Drive
#2 Credit Card Flash Drive

Our Credit Card model is undoubtedly one of our best sellers.  It features beautiful full color, edge-to-edge printing on both sides of the card, it is durable, thin and can easily fit in your wallet for easy access.

This is a great product for distribution with a book or collateral material combined with our custom adhesive sleeve.  Packaged in our 10 up peel and stick sheets, they are an easy to apply solution.

Wedding Thank Usb Drive PeelingWedding Thank Usb Drive

Watch a Video of this drive and the 10 Up peel and stick adhesive sleeves.  Great for Distribution in Mailers, cards or collateral material for books, brochures etc.

This drive can also be used as a great giveaway for many of your marketing and promotional needs.


This model is available in capacities from 1GB to 256GB and is also available in high speed USB 3.0.
We offer data loading services to pre-load your data on your drives and can load and ship as fast as 1 business day.

Price and Purchase this drive online here:

Dimension 85 x 54 x 3mm
Print area: 85 x 54mm
Material: Plastic

Operating Systems: Windows / Mac
Available in USB 2.0 or 3.0
Allows for quick and easy transfer of all content

Sleek Model USB Flash Drive

#4 Sleek
Sleek Model


Our Sleek model has a chrome band on one end of the housing,.. a very sturdy loop for lanyard attachment and a remove-able cap.

This drive is rounded on the long edge for a sleek look and feel.

This model can be printed on both sides, either in spot colors as you see here or in full color.

The housing of this drive comes in several common colors or it can be toned to a specific pantone color.

This model is available in capacities from 128MB to 256GB and is also available in high speed USB 3.0.

We offer data loading services to pre-load your data on your drives and can load and ship as fast as 1 business day.


Dimension 68.5 x 18 x 7.5mm

Print area: 27 x 11mm

Material: Plastic


Operating Systems: Windows / Mac

Available in USB 2.0 or 3.0

Allows for quick and easy transfer of all content