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Options for preloaded thumb drives

Preload your data, brochures, software or other promotional materials or other data on thumb drives.  Whether you are re-using your old thumb drives or need entirely new ones, its not just important that they look great.  In a market awash with varied quality drives, Qualitas is the thumb drive pre-loading expert. We are focused on great looking USBs with quality grade components so your target user will have a flawless experience.

We have been providing data loading services since 2008, with both a local facility in the US for fast turns, and an overseas facility for more cost effective options.

Q1: Do you have old thumb drives that you want to reuse?

Qualitas has a US based data facility that will expertly analyze your old drives. We then will make sure that 100% of your important data is properly preloaded and verified 100% accurate every time.

Q2: Do you have a time sensitive big project?

Qualitas can pre-load over 4000 drives in less than 24 hours and ship from our US based facility to make your time sensitive deadline.

Q3: Did your current supplier mess up the data in an overseas factory, and now they cannot remedy the problem without sending the USBs back to China?

No problem, contact us today. We can erase old data and preload new data in a snap.

Q4: PC, MAC, Linux or all of the Above

– For over 13 years we have been working on thousands of complex data projects for clients.

Q5: Need to purchase thumb drives and data preload on a rush basis?

– We provide domestic manufacturing of several Thumb Drive models right here in the USA and assemble, print and preload data in 24 hours to make your time sensitive project go off without a single hiccup.

Q6: Do you have your own thumb drive duplicator that keeps failing?

If you purchased low quality thumb drives, commonly the controllers in those USBs can wreak havoc on your USB duplicator. If you are experiencing this problem, we can advise you, solve your issue, and provide you with USBs that we guarantee to work every time with your duplicator. We just need to analyze your problem drives, ask you a few questions about your duplicator and we will solve your data loading problem.

You want a cost effective solution that is still super high quality.

Qualitas is a quality and cost leader. We offer low cost thumb drive models beautifully imprinted and expertly pre-loaded with your data. On a tight budget? Contact us and let on of our experts help you plan ahead so you can proceed with the most cost effective options.

Whether you need a 512 MB quick turn data load of a few pdfs, or you need us to preload 100GB of data or more for your major project, we have got you covered.

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Why Doesn’t your USB Duplicator machine work with your flash drives

A common assumption when you buy a USB duplicator machine is that it will work with the USBs that you intend to data load.

Unfortunately this sometimes is not the case.

Why doesn’t my machine work correctly and what can I do to resolve the issue.

The promotional USB market is largely drive by cost.  The components that go into a USB Flash Drive are primarily two : the controller chip and NAND chip.

When you source low cost USBs, many of these “ad specialty” companies that also sell hats, and mugs and pens, etc. are not Flash Drive experts, so they chose the lowest cost product to offer to their clients. These low cost items are a “you get what you paid for” product.  The controllers and NAND are often low grade or inferior products that are not typically made to work well with a USB duplicating machine.

In the industry, there are so many chip manufacturers that the USB Duplicator companies will only work with, and certify compatibility with a subset of these.  There are just too many chip manufactures to keep up with.

It is this compatibility issue that will cause your USB duplication machine to fail.  When you call the company that made your USB duplicator, they will often say, “well you have low quality drives” or “buy the drives from us and will not have any issues”, often at a premium price.

The Solution

At Qualitas, we are experts at data loading and chip compatibility.  IF you are having problems with your USB duplicator, we can solve you problem at a reasonable cost.

All you need to do is contact us, send us a sample of the USB that is a problem and tell us what type of duplication machine you are using.

We will be able to supply you with drives that work on your duplicator every time, without fail.

We offer hundreds of styles of flash drives that can be logo printed and we will work with you to specify the right memory so you can use your USB duplicator worry free.

Have a project or a problem batch of USBs that wont duplicate, contact us today at: (415) 964-5023  or


Need pricing on data loading, go to our data loading page here.