Why high quality custom flash drives are harder to find in low capacities

Consumer Needs: As USB capacity is ever increasing, smaller capacity flash drives become less and less useful. The need for transfer of larger amounts of data is ever increasing and the average consumer flash drive is now 16GB. The higher quality chip-makers like Samsung, Toshiba, Intel, Hynix all build capacity for the most popular sizes for the consumer market.  So the smaller capacities at 2GB and under are often under produced or not produced at all.

Promotional Needs: The promotional flash drive, however, is often used just to deliver small amounts of data, 100MB or less, normally some pdf files, video files etc.  So the requirements are often these smaller drives, 2GB or less.

Impact on Quality: This normally results in lower capacity drives being lower quality, manufactured by a second tier of chip-makers to fill this void.  So when you purchase your batch of custom flash drives for your company event, we will always make you aware that in general, higher quality drives are much more readily available in the higher capacities.

Our Suggestion when purchasing promotional flash drives: If quality and branding visibility is an issue, the higher capacity drives are no longer prohibitively expensive.  Make the small extra investment and you can deliver your data and marketing materials on a larger drive and also provide a use-able drive that has plenty of space, thus keeping your brand in front of that potential client.

If you are constrained by budget, then the lower capacity drives are the way to go.  They will still achieve your objective by delivering your data or marketing information, you will stay within budget, and likely after the drive has been used to retrieve your data will not be used.

Where to Start my Custom USB Project: For more information on quality components and custom USB flash drives  speak with a USB specialist if you have an upcoming project at (415) 964-5023 or by email: customercare@qualitasflashdrives.com