Why you should Data Lock Your Promotional Flash Drives

An Effective Marketing Tool: You have your event coming up and have decided that handing out flash drives to potential clients is an effective marketing tool.

You’ve got everything lined up.  You’ve picked the flash drive style, you have the artwork to be printed on the flash drive and the brochures and videos to be loaded on the drives.

Marketeers, however, often neglect one beneficial feature of the promotional flash drive package.  Locking the data onto the drive so it cannot be erased.

Give Something Useful and Informative: When we lock data on the the USB, it remains a permanent reminder to the recipient of your brand and your company or product content.   So if you have chosen a larger capacity drive, say 8GB or bigger, you have given the user a valuable device for storing and moving data months or years after your event, and presented your best promotional materials to them digitally.

So why not make sure you give them both, a larger drive that is useful, and permanently locked data on the drive to keep your company or product in mind.

Nominal Costs and Downside: The cost to data lock is nominal, usually just a few cents extra per drive, and normally the drive will be configured to have 2 partitions: 1. The locked partition that can be named and have you data in it and 2. The open partition that has the remaining space left on the drive for the user to utilize.  When a USB is configured this way the data partition is un-obtrusive yet still present.  It allows the user to utilize the drive like a normal blank flash drive and only consider the locked content when it is needed.

So there really is no down side to locking the data onto the drive.

So if you are considering a promotional flash drive, really consider locking your data.

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