Why Chose the Swivel Style USB Flash Drive

Undoubtedly the most popular custom printed flash drive is the swivel model. The swivel model, sometimes named twister or revolution, is widely sold by many flash drive manufacturers.
This drive garners such accolades because of several key features that make it attractive to most buyers for various applications.

Custom printed data secure usb flash drive swivel orangeCustom printed loaded USB flash drive swivel orange

Most Popular Features:

It’s the most cost effective. It mass popularity as a high volume seller makes this custom USB housing the lowest cost due to economies of scale. The housing of the body can easily be toned to any specific pantone color and the swivel on the drive means there is not cap to lose. The swivel is also steel with a loop for a lanyard. Where other flash drives may fall short with a plastic loop that breaks, this swivel drive is sturdy and can tolerate even the most rugged key rings and chains without breaking. This drive can also be data pre-loaded with all of your marketing or programming data.

Component Quality:

Only work with an Expert who can guarantee the specs of the components.  Here is where Qualitas stands out in a crowd. We provide the same nice looking housing and other features described above. When it comes to component quality, however, we stand alone. Most add specialty companies sell whats called “Promo Grade” memory. In short, write/read speeds of 2/8 MBs. Usually the use cheap controllers from second tier manufactures and specify the same for their NAND. Most promo grade NAND is vastly inferior quality. Our most cost effective NAND we specify is a minimum of 5/15 write read speed and we only MLC NAND or better from the 4 top tier suppliers, Samsung, Toshiba, Intel or Hynix. Qualitas is fully transparent on all of our invoice with the speed and quality of the components in the housing. We also offer data pre-loading services right here in our San Francisco facility for those who need it fast and cannot wait for an overseas supplier to ship.

Why the Swivel Flash Drive:

From a business perspective it has everything you need for promotion or data delivery. Low cost and reliably built. A cost effective, quality solution for making every custom USB drive project a success. With this drive you can hand deliver your electronic materials such as brochures, pictures and videos. With its customization, your swivel drive can be built to reflect your brand and keep your products at the top of your clients mind.

Why purchase Swivel Custom Flash Drives from Qualitas:

Besides having the most superior grade components in the field, Qualitas superior customer service and product expertise. We make it easy by having a fully automated online ordering and cart system so you can purchase and re-order your custom product with just a few mouse clicks. In short…We make it Easy!
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