Use custom usb flash drives to brand yourself and market your business

Popular Types of Custom Branded Flash Drives


Credit Card Custom USB Flash Drive  Mini Custom Printed Flash drive with data

Entrepreneurs, business owners and self-employed freelancers understand the importance of branding themselves. For photographers, wedding videographers, media freelancers, and anybody that transfers media for a living, custom media storage – like USB flash drives – is one of the most effective areas to brand oneself.

When looking to deliver digital content to clients, many professionals choose online file transfer or optical media. Though convenient much of the time, online file transfers can be bogged down by varying Internet speeds and lack the personal touch. DVDs and CDs are tried and true transfer media, but are often restricted by smaller storage capacity, and don’t have nearly the same storage life as flash memory.

Custom tailor flash drives to your business

Because of their customizability, USB flash drives have quickly become one of the most effective ways for professionals to deliver digital media to their clients, as well as stand out and brand themselves.

High quality flash drives come in a multitude of casings and packages: custom wooden or steel cases and housing, wristband and credit card-sized styles, and can even include a micro-USB port for smartphone connectivity.

Flash drive capacities can be specified for any particular application – like transferring large video files or heavy amount of photos – and printed with the company’s logo and colors.

Be remembered as contemporary and innovative

Dual OTG Swivel - Printed Flash Drive  Dual OTG Twin - Promotional Flash Drive for Android

Rugged flash memory technology can have a massive effect on the way a client experiences your services, and customizing flash drives to serve as a business card for your services becomes a tool customers remember you by.

Delivering content to your clients in flash drive form sends a professional image, while giving the client a reusable and helpful tool that displays your brand.

When selecting custom flash drives for you or your business, having a knowledgeable source to help you select the highest quality materials and fit them to a custom branded product is paramount.

The experts at Qualitas are available to help you design a high quality flash drive that brands your company. Call a project manager  at (866) 215-2757 or contact us online to find out how we can help you build a timely and quality product for your business.