Dual Custom OTG Flash Drives – Bridge the Gap Between Mobile and Desktop

Dual OTG Swivel - Printed Flash DriveSteel Dual Swivel OTG - for Android Devices (1)Dual OTG Twin - Promotional Flash Drive for Android

More than ever, people are relying on their tablets and smartphones for entertainment, business and everyday-use. Desktop computers still play a central role in unifying all these gadgets, but the need to access information from tablets and phones are increasing everyday.

As the role of technology changes, flash drives have as well.  –

USB on-the-go (OTG) has been implemented with flash memory, allowing flash drives to be hooked up to an Android smartphone or tablet, as well as a computer via USB. The result are dual-sided flash drives with a mini-USB connector on one end and a standard USB on the other.

This enables users the ability to transfer data between their tablet or smartphone and computer. Ever run out of space on your phone, but don’t want to lose precious photos or video? A dual OTG flash drive can be the necessary tool to free up space on your phone while securing your data.

Fast Data Transfers On the Go for Professionals –

Media professionals on the go know that being able to quickly offload data while on shoots or assignments is crucial. Dual OTG flash drives are the perfect way to maximize your backpacks arsenal of tools.

Consumer Use is Expanding Rapidly –

Dual OTG flash drives have everyday use among consumers as well. Whether you’re at a wedding, out with friends, at a party or just collecting photos or videos, having a dual OTG flash drive the gadget that lets you keep on shooting while on the go.

As a promotional item –

Dual OTG flash drives can be designed with a company logo or name and offered as an alternative to the traditional flash drive. The contemporary features of dual OTG flash drives are an easy way to make an impression among the rest at trade shows, business summits and with your employees.

The product experts at Qualitas are well-versed in dual OTG flash drives and the various styles and parameters of assembling them. Talk to a product manager today to get your custom flash drive project started and get a free mock up with your logo.

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