Data Security for Custom Flash Drives

In configuring your perfect custom flash drive, determining what level of security is needed depends heavily on the application of the finished flash drive.

Some businesses will source custom flash drives for company-use only, whereas others are simply promotional and don’t require as much security. In both cases, though, there are options for making sure that the data is secure and doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Companies will often source custom flash drives to distribute confidential information among employees. Often times, this confidential information can include financial information, trade knowledge, company procedures or documents only intended for employees with proper security clearance.

Being able to encrypt data makes flash drives very powerful for being able to distribute content among company personnel. As opposed to optical media like DVDs or CDs, flash drives can be reformatted, so as new information needs to be loaded, the flash drives can be recycled and redistributed out to employees.

Password protecting the contents of your custom flash drive is one way to make sure only authorized personnel are able to access the information. If the information is of a sensitive nature, protecting the data by requiring any who load the flash drive to supply a password is the best way to ensure the data is not accessible by the wrong person.

Another option of making sure your data isn’t tampered with is to lock the data onto the flash drive, so that it cannot be removed. This is especially handy in cases where the carrying capacity of the flash drive is somewhat close to the data that is being carried. If an employee or someone tried to remove the data on the flash drive and use it for personal purposes, the data would be secured and unable to be removed.

Data locking is also helpful where a flash drive is being given out as a promotional product or at a tradeshow. A company may want to include some photos, videos or files about the company, and want to make sure that data is viewable by the person receiving the drive.

Both options depend on the level of security needed for the content you plan on loading onto the flash drive. In both instances, Qualitas is able to provide both services in our San Francisco facility. Our project experts are knowledgeable in being able to help you determine what level of security your project needs, and can answer any questions to help you best decide how to configure your drives. Contact a specialist today to get started.