Best USB device to deliver digital content with books and brochures

Does your company want to deliver a book, publication or brochure with a device loaded with digital content?

In the recent past when you wanted to deliver your digital content with a book or brochure, you would have a CD or DVD inserted into a sleeve on the jacket cover of the book or brochure.

As most know, computers are much slimmer, more lightweight and designed for mobility.  Fewer and fewer devices have Disc Players.  This is  especially so on Laptops and Notebooks.

These devices do, however,  have USB ports on them.

Problem:  If your company wishes to deliver important digital content with a book or brochure, how can this been done without having to deliver a separate device like a bulky conventional flash drive.  Would you have to ship it in a separate container from the book or brochure?

Solution: Our credit card flash drive coupled with our exclusive peel and stick adhesive sleeves is the solution you are looking for.  The Credit card flash drive is a thin lightweight flash drive that fits easily on the interior of a book jacket or brochure.

Custom Flash Drive

How to affix to the book or brochure:

Our exclusive clear flash drive peel and stick sleeve is the most steadfast solution.  It adheres right to the book or brochure permanently and the credit card flash drive slips neatly inside and will stay secure until the user would like to retrieve it.

This USB comes in sizes of 1GB to 256GB, so it can accommodate even the largest data delivery and can be printed in full color on both sides to match your collateral material.

At Qualitas, we have a full data loading department that can load your data and even make it permanent on the drive so it cannot be erased.

This is an elegant solution for companies that wish to deliver secure digital content, save space, and reach a significant audience that uses flash drives to load content to their laptop, notebook or desktop computers.

See our video on this product below.

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