Best Digital Wedding Favor – Thank USB Drive

Planning a wedding is a monumental task. Most couples want to get everything right for the event itself, but  can forget about the important task of thanking your guests after your wedding is over.   How does a wedding couple wrap it all up and say thank you to your guests in a thoughtful and memorable way. A conventional thank you card can be quite boring. An email or e-card does not do it justice. Our new Thank Usb Drive addresses this task in a way that is memorable, useful and fun all in the same product.

Old School Thank You’s

Option 1: Thank You Cards: kind of boring – Sending a thank you card is customary, but typically nothing truly special.  We have all received thank you cards in the mail, look at them and say, “well that was nice”, and put them away or toss them.

Option 2: Share Photo and Video Links: Fleeting and too brief to express your gratitude adequately – Sending links to Facebook, Instagram, etc. or other photo or video sharing services is a nice way for wedding guests to remember the event, however fleeting and brief that method is.

NEW School – Thank Usb Drive

The Thank You Note – Re-invented! – 

An entirely new concept that is re-inventing how we say thank you to our special guests marries the Thank You Card and our digital photos and video memories.
Wedding Thank USB Photo for Blog

The Wedding Thank USB Drive is a thin, flat, credit card sized USB that is beautifully printed with the couples picture on Side 1 and thank you message on Side 2, then loaded with any and all photos and videos of the Wedding.  This wonderfully memorable flash drive comes in pre-filled peel and stick adhesive sleeves so they can be  peeled and stuck right onto the couples own Thank You card. Once received by guests, it can be used and re-used just like a regular flash drive. What a great thank you gift.  Your guests can use the card for their personal use after they view your pics and videos.

How it Works! – The process is simple.  After the event the couple sends their  favorite picture to print on side 1, and a personalized message to be printed on side 2.  Then send any and all Wedding pictures + video files to share with their guests.

Thank USB Drive Application Steps

After the drives are printed and loaded, Qualitas will deliver them in clear, pre-pocketed peel and stick sleeves to simply peel and stick onto the couples own thank you cards.
Then you are ready to mail. Its that simple! 

This marriage between a thank you card and the delivery of photos and videos on a re-usable USB is a truly memorable way to express your gratitude.

Here is a video of the process.

More Information and Ordering this Wedding Thank USB Drive can be found here.

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