A Thumb Drive is a Great Wedding gift give-away

As flash memory technology has evolved, its uses have ranged from media storage, business, sharing files, and now – weddings.

Many couples have incorporated custom USB flash drives into their weddings by offering them as favors to guests. The uniqueness of using flash drives as favors extends into many possibilities that aren’t possible with other traditional favors.

A photo or video keepsake or message from the Bride and Groom
Flash drive wedding favors are a great way to give guests a memorable keepsake of your important day. Engagement photos, a video or a personal message can be loaded on the drive when its created.

The names of the bride and groom, along with any dates or other text, can be printed on the custom flash drives. Many styles are also an option, from vintage wood types, to contemporary metal or even card-sized drives. Packaging can be printed with the bride and grooms name and configured to match the colors of the couple or of the flash drive.

Attendees can capture photo and video right at the Event using the smartphone flash drive
Some couples have found that outfitting their custom flash drive with a dual OTG connector, allowing the drives to be used with Android smartphones or tablets, have been a great way to get guests to take photos and videos and save them onto the flash drives. The flash drives can either be left at the wedding, so the new couple can enjoy the pictures taken at the event, or can be taken home with the guests.

Incorporating flash drives as a part of your wedding can be a memorable and long-lasting gift to your guests, reminding them of your special day every time they use the flash drive. Our product experts are knowledgeable in the different data capacities, styles and packaging that flash drives can be configured in, and can help you select the perfect combination for your special day. Contact a specialist today to get started on your wedding favor flash drives and get a free mock up of the design!

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