• Options for preloaded thumb drives

    Preload your data, brochures, software or other promotional materials or other data on thumb drives.  Whether you are re-using your old thumb drives or need entirely new ones, its not just important that they look great.  In a market awash with varied quality drives, Qualitas is the thumb drive pre-loading expert. We are focused on great looking USBs with quality grade…Read More

  • Data Loading for Bulk USB Flash Drives That you’ve Already Purchased

    You just purchased imprinted flash drives for your event, but the data you wanted to put on the drive is going to be late.  So you had the blank drives delivered and you will have the data loaded when it is ready.  The thought of having to load each drive 400 times is just not cost effective for you so you…Read More

  • Made in USA Flash Drives

    At Qualitas we have a good selection of flash drives that are assembled, printed and data loaded in our USA facility.  We are a proud supplier of USA labor related products. We offer several styles of flash drives, can print full color both sides and offer 512MB all the way up to 32GB drives, all shipping right out of our…Read More

  • Why Doesn’t your USB Duplicator machine work with your flash drives

    A common assumption when you buy a USB duplicator machine is that it will work with the USBs that you intend to data load. Unfortunately this sometimes is not the case. Why doesn’t my machine work correctly and what can I do to resolve the issue. The promotional USB market is largely drive by cost.  The components that go into…Read More

  • Why you should Data Lock Your Promotional Flash Drives

    An Effective Marketing Tool: You have your event coming up and have decided that handing out flash drives to potential clients is an effective marketing tool. You’ve got everything lined up.  You’ve picked the flash drive style, you have the artwork to be printed on the flash drive and the brochures and videos to be loaded on the drives. Marketeers,…Read More

  • Why high quality custom flash drives are harder to find in low capacities

    Consumer Needs: As USB capacity is ever increasing, smaller capacity flash drives become less and less useful. The need for transfer of larger amounts of data is ever increasing and the average consumer flash drive is now 16GB. The higher quality chip-makers like Samsung, Toshiba, Intel, Hynix all build capacity for the most popular sizes for the consumer market.  So…Read More

  • Best USB device to deliver digital content with books and brochures

    Does your company want to deliver a book, publication or brochure with a device loaded with digital content? In the recent past when you wanted to deliver your digital content with a book or brochure, you would have a CD or DVD inserted into a sleeve on the jacket cover of the book or brochure. As most know, computers are much slimmer,…Read More

  • Best Digital Wedding Favor – Thank USB Drive

    Planning a wedding is a monumental task. Most couples want to get everything right for the event itself, but  can forget about the important task of thanking your guests after your wedding is over.   How does a wedding couple wrap it all up and say thank you to your guests in a thoughtful and memorable way. A conventional thank…Read More

  • Data Security for Custom Flash Drives

    In configuring your perfect custom flash drive, determining what level of security is needed depends heavily on the application of the finished flash drive. Some businesses will source custom flash drives for company-use only, whereas others are simply promotional and don’t require as much security. In both cases, though, there are options for making sure that the data is secure…Read More

  • Credit Card Model USB Flash Drive with Optional Adhesive Pocket

    Our Credit Card model is undoubtedly one of our best sellers.  It features beautiful full color, edge-to-edge printing on both sides of the card, it is durable, thin and can easily fit in your wallet for easy access. This is a great product for distribution with a book or collateral material combined with our custom adhesive sleeve.  Packaged in our…Read More

  • Sleek Model USB Flash Drive

    FEATURES: Our Sleek model has a chrome band on one end of the housing,.. a very sturdy loop for lanyard attachment and a remove-able cap. This drive is rounded on the long edge for a sleek look and feel. This model can be printed on both sides, either in spot colors as you see here or in full color. The…Read More

  • Brushed Aluminum Flash Drive

      FEATURES Our Brushed Aluminum model is a plastic housing with brushed aluminum plate finish. It presents a more technical and elegant feel, has a cap and a  loop for lanyard attachment. This model can be printed on both sides, either in spot colors as you see here or in full color. The housing of this drive comes in several…Read More

  • Wristband Flash Drive

      FEATURES Our Wristband model is a flexible rubber that can be printed on in spot colors only.  It can be affixed around the wrist and holds firm until the user takes it off for use. This drive comes in several common colors to match your design needs.   This model is available in capacities from 1GB to 256GB and…Read More

  • Swivel Flash Drive

      FEATURES: Our Swivel model has a sturdy metal swivel with a solid unbreak-able loop for keychain or lanyard attachment. This drive is cap-less, for those concerned with losing the cap. This model can be printed on both sides, either in spot colors or in full color. The housing of this drive comes in several common colors or it can…Read More

  • A Thumb Drive is a Great Wedding gift give-away

    As flash memory technology has evolved, its uses have ranged from media storage, business, sharing files, and now – weddings. Many couples have incorporated custom USB flash drives into their weddings by offering them as favors to guests. The uniqueness of using flash drives as favors extends into many possibilities that aren’t possible with other traditional favors. A photo or…Read More

  • Top 5 best Custom USB Flash Drives for Promotional Use

    Undoubtedly marketing and promotion managers want to pick the most valuable tools for marketing their companies products and services. If they can match their brand’s look and feel with the needs of their clients, they will improve their success rate. For those who need custom printed and data loaded flash drives, the choice usually comes down to a few favorites…Read More

  • How a Promotional Flash Drive can Dramatically Enhance your Marketing Message

    Promotional giveaways are an effective and useful way for companies to make an impression on potential and current customers. Many business summits, tradeshows or meetings are places that companies are known to bring promo goods to create brand awareness and establish goodwill with other people.   Among the typical promo giveaways are shirts, bags, mousepads and stationary – all branded…Read More

  • Why Chose the Swivel Style USB Flash Drive

    Undoubtedly the most popular custom printed flash drive is the swivel model. The swivel model, sometimes named twister or revolution, is widely sold by many flash drive manufacturers. This drive garners such accolades because of several key features that make it attractive to most buyers for various applications. Most Popular Features: It’s the most cost effective. It mass popularity as…Read More

  • Choose USB 3.0 flash drives for the faster transfer speeds for your Custom USBs

    Radically transforming how information is transmitted, USB connectivity has evolved to the point of being the fastest method of data transfer. With the blue colored ports and jacks of USB 3.0 spreading into mainstream use, utilizing the fast transfer rates of USB 3.0 in custom flash drives is a powerful option in choosing how to build your flash drive project….Read More

  • Dual Custom OTG Flash Drives – Bridge the Gap Between Mobile and Desktop

    More than ever, people are relying on their tablets and smartphones for entertainment, business and everyday-use. Desktop computers still play a central role in unifying all these gadgets, but the need to access information from tablets and phones are increasing everyday. As the role of technology changes, flash drives have as well.  – USB on-the-go (OTG) has been implemented with flash…Read More

  • Use custom usb flash drives to brand yourself and market your business

    Popular Types of Custom Branded Flash Drives     Entrepreneurs, business owners and self-employed freelancers understand the importance of branding themselves. For photographers, wedding videographers, media freelancers, and anybody that transfers media for a living, custom media storage – like USB flash drives – is one of the most effective areas to brand oneself. When looking to deliver digital content to…Read More

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