About Us

Qualitas was founded on the basic principle that quality components and excellent customer service are the cornerstones of a successful business. We are committed to producing products with better components than our competition, and thus improving the life cycle of our products, reducing overall waste in the electronics industry and increasing the overall level of good quality products in the market.

Factory Direct Pricing:

Apples to Apples, our baseline products are the most cost effective and competitive in the industry. We can offer this because we have factory direct pricing, there are no layers of middlemen to increase margins.

Free Samples:

If you want a sample of any of our drives to review before purchase, we would be happy to send you one for your review.

Online Ordering:

We believe in the philosophy of complete price transparency and the convenience of online ordering. We are here when you need a customer care person, but believe in giving our clients full autonomy when ordering, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Founder and President, Brian Fisher, holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and has spent his entire professional career in manufacturing. Starting as a Quality Engineer for Philips Lighting in 1994, he moved to Marketing and Product management and eventually moved to CDI Corporation as Sales and Marketing manager eventually to finished his last three years there as President. In 2003 Brian Founded DVD Copycat, San Francisco’s premier quality supplier of optical media in Northern California.

” Qualitas means Quality in Latin, and embodies the spirit of our mission statement. All of my professional career I have sourced, manufactured and promoted the highest quality products and provided excellent service to our clients. Its as simple as well made, delivered on time with great help from our team of qualified project managers.”

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