Top 5 best Custom USB Flash Drives for Promotional Use

Undoubtedly marketing and promotion managers want to pick the most valuable tools for marketing their companies products and services. If they can match their brand’s look and feel with the needs of their clients, they will improve their success rate. For those who need custom printed and data loaded flash drives, the choice usually comes down to a few favorites that represent 80% of all of the promotional flash drives we sell.

#5 Coming in at number 5 is the Brushed Aluminum flash drive – This drive provides a technical and elegant look and feel, and seems to be most popular for artists, photographers, and creatives in the technical field. Architectural Concept drawing and layouts, medical drawing, medical equipment, etc.

Brushed Aluminum
Brushed Aluminum


#4 Sleek Model USB –  This drive has a toyish look to it. It has a very sturdy loop for a lanyard and appeals to a broad range of clientele. The look is achieved because it is all plastic. This drive comes in many common colors or can be toned to a specific pantone color. If your clientele appeal is less serious and a bit playful, this is the drive for you.

#4 Sleek


#3 Smooth Model Custom USB – This drive is a fusion between #5 and #4. It can be toned to any pantone color and is mostly plastic, but has some chrome and harder edges to give it a more mature and slightly more technical appeal than the Sleek model. It also had a very sturdy loop for lanyard or keychain.

#3 Smooth


#2 My personal favorite, the Credit Card custom printed flash drive – This drive is excellent for distributing data, tutorials or instructional software, etc along with literature or a book. It has a very slim profile and can be inserted into a clear adhesive sleeve that can be securely affixed to any book or literature. The card can then be easily slid out of the sleeve and replaced back, or carried in a users wallet. This custom USB drive can be printed in very high quality full color bleed on both sides. It is a wonderful presentation and is extremely sturdy, even if kept in the toughest wallets.

#2 Credit Card Flash Drive
Credit Card Flash Drive


#1 And of course, the number 1 custom USB stick for promotion is the Swivel Model – This one is simple, the cap-less feature appeals to most and it can be toned to any custom color and is by far the most cost effective drive on the market. The swivel clip is brushed steel so the loop for keychain or lanyard is unbreakable. This drive is simple, cost effective and practical.

#1 Swivel


All of the above drives are available in capacities from 1GB to 256GB and #5,4,3 and 1 can be configured as small as 64MB for small data distribution needs and very low cost.

Qualitas can pre-load your data as quick as 1 business day before shipping from our domestic facility in San Francisco.

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