• How do I order my drives from Qualitas?

    1. By Phone – If you feel most comfortable with a phone order, we always encourage clients to pick up the phone. We are available from 6:30am to 4pm Monday through Friday, and have several highly experienced project coordinators ready to help answer your questions, run quotes, send samples and proofs and book your order. Call us today: (866) 215-2757

    2. Online – Qualitas has a fully functional online build, design and order system. For most common orders without custom requests, you can create an account, choose your drive, design your drive by selecting color and adding artwork, packaging, lanyards, etc. and purchasing through our secure checkout system. If you want to proceed with an online order, our All Flash Drives Styles page is the best place to start.

    3. By Email – If you need guidance on your project and don’t want to speak with someone over the phone, you can correspond directly with one of our experienced project coordinators via email. They are there to guide you in your order and selection and to make sure your project is processed accurately and on time. Start by emailing us at: contact@qualitasflashdrives.com

  • What happens once my order is placed?

    Once you have confirmed your order, you will be contacted by a Qualitas representative to make sure we have all of the order details correct.  You will need to supply us with the artwork for the drive printing and data to be pre-loaded on the drive if applicable.

    Artwork – In one business day you will receive a proof of the drive printing mocked up on the style and color of your selected drive.

    Data Loading – In one business day you will also receive screen shots confirming the correct configuration and content of your data loading.

    Confirmed Approval of Artwork and Data – Once you approve your art and data proofs, your project will be scheduled, manufactured and shipped according the the number of days you selected for turn time.  Turn times start after art and data approval.

    Take Delivery – You take delivery of your high quality flash drives and are delighted.

  • How do I pay?

    Upfront Payment Options – Payment is required to process your order.  You can process your payment in several different ways.

    Online – If you have placed your order online, you will be required to make payment through our secure authorize.net portal.  All major credit cards are accepted through this payment method.

    Invoice Link – If you have been working with an account manager, they will send you an invoice with a live link to pay the invoice through our secure checkout.  All major credit cards are accepted.

    Check – If you have been working with an account manager, you can arrange to send us payment by check.  Often times we can begin to process your order before the payment has arrived, however, we do need your check prior to shipping.

    Terms – Qualitas does offer terms to some corporate clients with credit application approval.  First time clients are not eligible and must pay upfront.

  • How fast will my drives ship out?

    Shipping Times

    1 Day Rush – Qualitas offers domestic manufacturing of flash drives that can ship as quickly as 1 business day.  Example: If you give approval of art and data proofs on a Monday, your flash drives will ship out on Tuesday.  Shipping and turn times exclude weekends and holidays.

    3 Day Rush – Qualitas offers domestic manufacturing of flash drives right here in San Francisco.  3 Day Rush Example: If you give approval of art and data proofs on a Monday, your flash drives will ship out on Thursday.  Shipping and turn times exclude weekends and holidays.

    6 Day – Our 6 day options is great for clients who want it faster, but also are budget conscious.  Our 6 day service ships 6 days after art and data approval.

    12 Day – Our most economical pricing, the 12 day turn is the best value for those clients not in a rush for their shipments.


  • Can I see a proof of a drive or sample before I purchase?


    Online Artwork Tool – You can design your drive online and save a pdf copy for yourself with no obligation to buy.

    Request Art Proof or Samples from account manager – Qualitas can send you samples and would also be happy to mock up a proof of any drive you would like with your desired artwork , drive color and style.

    Normally we can do this for you same day you request it with no obligation to buy.  Just contact one of our account managers at sales@qualitasflashdrives.com or call us at 1-866-215-2757.

  • What is the difference between SLC, MLC and TLC flash drives?

    There are three different tiers of flash memory that can be used in flash drives, the main difference being the amount of information stored in each cell of the memory. These three types are:

    SLC – Single Level Cell

    Storing one bit of information per cell, SLC memory is the fastest of the three memory options, as well as the best at conserving power and longevity. The cost of manufacturing with SLC memory is also higher than all the other memory types, and usually reserved for projects where performance and reliability are paramount.

    MLC – Multi Level Cell

    Storing two bits of information per cell, MLC memory is the mid-level of the three memory options. Though its power consumption, transfer speeds and cell longevity are not as high as its SLC counterpart, MLC is notable more reliable than the lower grade TLC memory. Because of its price point and higher effectiveness than TLC, MLC is usually the recommended tier for most consumer flash memory.

    TLC – Triple Level Cell

    Storing three bits of information per cell, TLC is notably the slowest, least endurable and more problematic of the three memory options. TLC memory has statistically higher error rates and reliability is considerably less than other memory options. Because of its price point, some manufacturers use TLC to save cost, compromising the durability of the flash drive.

    Qualitas will always recommend the appropriate memory for your project, and never cut corners by using low quality components. Ask your project manager about the different memory types and what would work best with your application.

  • Do I have to have artwork to print on a flash drive?

    If you don’t have any artwork or a logo you would like printed on your flash drive, Qualitas can print text onto the drive. Just tell your project manager what you would like typed and in what font, and we will print it for you.

  • What days count as production days?

    Weekends are not included in the production time. For orders placed around the holidays, please keep in mind those are also not included in production turnaround.

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