Data Pre Loaded Custom USB Flash Drives

Data Loading for Bulk USB Flash Drives That you’ve Already Purchased

You just purchased imprinted flash drives for your event, but the data you wanted to put on the drive is going to be late.  So you had the blank drives delivered and you will have the data loaded when it is ready.  The thought of having to load each drive 400 times is just not cost effective for you so you need a reliable company to load the data for you.

Qualitas Flash Drives has been doing expert data loading of USB flash drives since 2005.  Our experts and equipment provide 100% verified accuracy on your data load.

We offer services for:

  • MAC Only
  • MAC and PC Combo
  • PC Only
  • We do a pre-assessment of your flash drives to make sure they will perform correctly and can be loaded accurately
  • We can load any amount of data you need on the drive from data as small as 50MB to 128GB of data

Here is how the process works.

  1. Send us your drives
  2. Send us your data
  3. We provide screen shot proofs back to you to verify the master data.
  4. Our process and equipment does a 100% data verify on every flash drive to make sure your data is exact and correct every time.
  5. We also use a small batch method to ensure each batch has been tested against each other batch.  The guarantees accuracy across all products.
  6. We ship out in 1-2 or 3 days time depending on your deadline and the service you have chosen.

Contact us right now for your next data loading project. We will get it done perfectly for you, every time and make your project run smoothly.


phone: 415-964-5023

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