Custom USB for Apple IOS and Android
4-in-1 USB Works with Android and Apple IOS 4 Connectors in 1 USB: Lighting IOS, Micro USB, USB Type-C, USB 2.0

Which connector do I chose for my USB project?

Purchasing a custom USB for distribution to a target audience has always come with tradeoffs.

There are so many different connectors on today’s Apple, Android and PC devices.  So the question is which device connector to prioritize for a USB target audience?  But some users will be left out and frustrated by receiving a USB that cannot connect to their device.

Until now!

Our New 4-in-1 USB Drive has connectors for all four major connection types: Lightning IOS, USB Type-C, Micro USB and standard USB 2.0. A 4-in-1 customizable flash drive that can connect to virtually every device on the market.

This is the ultimate solution for physically delivering digital materials to your target audience.

Custom print your logo on our 4-in-1 drives with a quality spot or full color print, and Pre-load the USBs with marketing materials or other data.

For information or a quote on our 4 in 1 Drives, contact us now. Get advice from a USB specialist.

Email us at or call 415-964-5023.



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