Building the Best Branded USBs Inside and Out

Custom USB and Promotional Flash Drives

Qualitas specializes in providing the very best custom printed and data loaded USB flash drives. Whether it be for a simple promotional give-away or a boot-able data critical drive, building the right memory for your application and budget is what we do best. Branding and marketing with our superior quality flash drives, custom made inside and out to your specific design and data needs.


We offer many different packaging options, boxes, containers and can pre-load data for your marketing or project materials. Many of our USB housing can be toned to your specific pantone color and we also offer last minute data loading services.

Dual OTG android swivel metal flash drive usb
Fusing the data expansion of Android smartphones with the flexibility of flash memory, dual USB flash drives are the answer to anybody looking to boost the storage capacity of their phone or tablet.
High quality sourced chips usb flash drive
The last thing anybody wants when they first try their USB flash drive is to find out its failed, or doesn’t have the memory capacity it claimed. Sadly, there are a lot of defective and deceptive pr
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